A very exhaustive and thought provoking analysis indeed. Three fundamental things wrong with China are – 1. Over reliance on export. 2. Totalitarian regime and unspecified delay of political reforms. 3. Strong territorial claims causing an environment of animosity around it.

Insightful Geopolitics

“To understand is to perceive patterns.”

China’s meteoric rise has made people around the world, sit up and take notice of it. Countries are either jealous, scared or both at the same time. China has achieved all this in a record period of time. However, everything is not as smooth and calm as it seems. There are underlying fault lines and pitfalls in the Chinese utopian world and other nations are warming up to exploit those. There are issues of debt (internal and external), non-performing loans, and artificial currency rates. There are accusations of intellectual property (IP) thefts, hacking, bullying of corporates, supporting rogue nations, and interference in the matters of other countries/institutions. China also has issues of inequality, human rights violations, an over-strong central leadership, and extended overreach in economic expansion. But above all of this is its economic dependence on exports, and this aspect of…

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