Spiritual Remedy-Autoimmune Diseases

Contemplation and interpretation of Auto-immune family of diseases from the Adhyatmic point of view becomes is interesting.

Auto-immune Disease

The key lay in the medical fact, as the name itself suggest that – in this disease the body’s immune system starts to act against itself or certain vulnerable parts of itself. Human body has a wonderful immune system that helps fight invasions of organisms from outside. How does our bilogical system turns against itself? This question seems to have perplexed scientists no ends. The contemporary medical line treatment adopts a debilitating approach involving suppression of the immune system of the patient. This helps to some extent but seems like a self defeating approach.

Adhyatmic Interpretation

Here is an interpretation from the spiritual approach. The spiritual science traces the root of the problem in ‘Hating the self’. Holding on to long-standing, deep-rooted grudge or loathing against someone also amounts to ‘Hating the self’ from the spiritual point of view since all are one from Adhyatmic interpretation. If you hold a grudge against someone at a very deep level, it means you hate the ultimate common self. …and you thus hurt yourselves through the negative waves of emotions working against self.

Spiritual Remedy

The adhyatmic remedy of Auto-Immune family of diseases, therefore, lay in the realisation of the fact that all are essentially the same. All have a shared consciousness or awareness. Its really that simple yet so complex that most of us don’t get it. How ironic!

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